A sewer blockage is never convenient

Unblock Sewer

A sewer blockage is never convenient. However, if you have problems with your sewer system, it is important that the unblocking is done as soon as possible. Apart from the smell and the blockage, which makes the drain not or hardly work anymore, it can lead to even more damage.

AAD Rioolservice & Installation Technology has sufficient materials and equipment and also offers a 24-hour service, so your sewer can be unblocked quickly and professionally.

A clogged sewer, now what..

Call AAD Rioolservice & Installation Technology nd our service engineer will make an appointment with you immediately. Upon arrival, we will attempt to resolve the blockage immediately. This can often be done directly from the point where the blockage is located.

  • Unblocking with spring machines
  • We have various types of spring machines for unblocking pipes with diameters of up to 250 mm. This includes the cleaning and unblocking of your washbasin, shower, sink, drains and toilet.

  • Unblocking with high pressure
  • For the unblocking of both small and larger drains, up to a diameter of 350 mm, a high-pressure sewer cleaning machine can be used to clean the sewer with the help of water under high pressure.

In complicated situations it is possible to have a camera inspection carried out by AAD Rioolservice & Installation Technology. In case of odour problems, it is possible to use a smoke generator to find out where the cause of the problem is. This allows a quick diagnosis to be made without having to resort to breaking and entering.