A sewer blockage is never convenient

Stench Inspection

An incorrectly or badly functioning sewerage system can cause odour nuisance. Sewer odour is a common problem that is often caused by open connections and small cracks in sewer pipes. Because odour nuisance cannot be observed with the naked eye, it is often difficult to trace the cause of the problem. With the help of fog detection, it is easy to find out where the odour is coming from. Using a smoke generator, the sewer system is filled with (nature-friendly) smoke. With this method, odour problems are easy to trace. The smoke will come out through the smallest cracks (wherever the smell is).

A clogged sewer, now what...

The non-functioning of siphons and other odour traps also becomes immediately visible when using the smoke generator. If the sewerage system turns out to be defective, we can trace the location of the defect by means of a camera inspection.

You can save considerable costs with odour detection. In many cases, it prevents the sewage system from being uncovered.