A sewer blockage is never convenient

Repair Sewer

A defect in a sewer can have several causes, such as subsidence of the ground, root growth, rusty suspension brackets, age or wear and tear. Often there is no or poor maintenance, and research and experience have shown that in more than 20% of cases the cause of a blockage is a fracture or subsidence in the sewer.

A clogged sewer, now what...

You can recognise a broken sewerage system by total blockages in the toilet, kitchen and bathroom, blockages that recur several times a year, odour nuisance, flies in the house, bubbling noise from the sewerage system and water, scale or mould in your crawl space or cellar.

Besides unblocking sewers, AAD Rioolservice & Installation Technology also specializes in repairing and replacing them.

  • You can also contact us for the following work:
  • repair of sewage breaks in your crawl space and/or garden
  • replacing the external sewage system
  • repair of the rainwater drain
  • laying a new internal sewerage system