A sewer blockage is never convenient

Camera Inspection

When a sewer becomes blocked more often, it is advisable to have a camera inspection carried out. In this way, the cause of the blockage can easily be determined. Sewer inspections are carried out using a camera that is moved manually in the system. This allows us to map out the course of your sewerage system. A camera inspection is always preceded by cleaning.

A camera inspection therefore provides clarity about the cause of the sewer problem. Besides blockages, the inspection can also reveal cracks, obstructions, subsidence or other damage.

A clogged sewer, now what...

Once the problem has been identified following the camera inspection, we can work extremely efficiently. We will be happy to advise you and, if you wish, provide a no-obligation quote for remedying the problem.

In case of odour nuisance, odour detection will be used first, before a camera inspection.